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OVs Authorised by APHA in GB

The counts in the table below will be updated on the 1st of each month between 10.00 and 10.30am.

Qualification England Wales Scotland Total
OCQ(V) - AX (Avian Exports) 147 10 43 191
OCQ(V) - CA (Companion Animals) 6395 466 688 7513
OCQ(V) - EQ (Equine Exports) 532 32 39 585
OCQ(V) - FA (Farm Animal Exports) 41 7 8 56
OCQ(V) - GX (Germinal Products Exports) 84 10 14 107
OCQ(V) - PX (Product Exports) 1583 194 253 1999
OCQ(V) - SS (Statutory Surveillance) 477 128 328 928
OCQ(V) - SX (Small Animal Exports) 340 44 92 472
OCQ(V) - TT (Tuberculin Testing) 1501 451 323 2241
OCQ(V) - UX (Ungulate Exports) 488 76 141 696
Total authorised OVs 9229 926 1163 11204

Please note:

The total number of OVs with each qualification will not always be the sum of the OVs holding that qualification in England, Wales and Scotland. This is due to some OVs being registered in more than one country (e.g. working across the border in both England and Wales).

The figures in the 'Total authorised OVs' row will not be the sum of all OVs authorised in each qualification. This is due to the fact that some OVs hold more than one qualification. 

The OCQ(V) - TT count gives the number of fully authorised OVs. It does not include the number of OVs with conditional status who are still in training.

Anticipated changes to counts:

The OCQ(V) - AX (Avian Exports) counts are expected to change on 1st April 2022, as the revalidation date for a group of AX OVs falls in March.

Similarly, the OCQ(V) - GX (Germinal Products Exports) counts are expected to change on 1st May 2022, as the revalidation date for a group of GX OVs falls at the end of April.

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Counts of OVs Authorised by APHA in GB




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