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There is a one-off fee of £59 plus VAT for registration.

  • Final year veterinary students will receive a £10 discount.
  • Registration must be done on an individual basis. See Registration.
  • You need to register before you can pay and access the OCQ(V)s.


The OCQ(V)s are priced as follows;

  • OCQ(V) - ES (Essential Skills) – £149 plus VAT
  • OCQ(V) - CA (Companion Animal) – £199 plus VAT
  • OCQ(V) - TT (Tuberculin Testing) – £249 plus VAT
  • OCQ(V) - EX (Exports General) – £199 plus VAT
  • OCQ(V) - SS (Statutory Surveillance) – £149 plus VAT
  • OCQ(V) - SX (Small Animal Exports) – £149 plus VAT
  • OCQ(V) - UX (Ungulate Exports) – £149 plus VAT
  • OCQ(V) - EQ (Equine Exports) – £149 plus VAT
  • OCQ(V) - AX (Avian Exports) – £199 plus VAT
  • OCQ(V) - GX (Germinal Products Exports) – £199 plus VAT
  • OCQ(V) - PX (Product Exports) – £199 plus VAT  
  • Cymorth TB - OCQ(V)TB (CYTB) – £149 plus VAT
  • Cymorth TB (Welsh language) OCQ(V) (CYTB(CY)) – £149 plus VAT

Discount Policy

Individual candidates registering for three or more full OCQ(V)s will receive a 10% discount off the total price. Please note these do not have to be purchased at the same time as we will deduct the equivalent of 10% off the total price of the three OCQ(V)s from the price of the third OCQ(V).  

They will also receive a 10% discount off each subsequent full OCQ(V).

Please note this discount only applies to;

  • individuals, not businesses.
  • full OCQ(V)s, not revalidation, face to face courses or CPD courses.
  • it does not apply to resits or VPHB.

The fee payable for an OCQ(V) resit is £49 plus VAT.

(Please note: this applies to online assessments only, an additional charge of £150 plus VAT will apply to retake Practical Assessments.)


The revalidation courses are priced as follows

  • Avian Exports OCQ(V) - AX (Revalidation) - £99 plus VAT 
  • Companion Animal OCQ(V) - CA (Revalidation) - £99 plus VAT
  • Essential Skills OCQ(V) - ES (Revalidation) - £99 plus VAT
  • Equine Exports OCQ(V) - EQ (Revalidation) - £99 plus VAT
  • Exports General OCQ(V) – EX (Revalidation) - £99 plus VAT 
  • Germinal Products Exports OCQ(V) - GX (Revalidation) - £99 plus VAT
  • Product Exports OCQ(V) - PX (Revalidation) - £99 plus VAT  
  • Small Animal Exports OCQ(V) – SX (Revalidation) - £99 plus VAT
  • Statutory Surveillance OCQ(V) – SS (Revalidation) - £99 plus VAT
  • Tuberculin Testing OCQ(V) - TT (Revalidation) - £99 plus VAT 
  • Ungulate Exports OCQ(V) – UX (Revalidation) - £99  plus VAT

Discount Policy

There is no discount available on revalidation.

The fee payable for a revalidation resit is £49 plus VAT. 

Other Training

  • Veterinary Public Health The Basics of State Veterinary Medicine – £199 plus VAT
  • TB Testing Camelids CPD – £99 plus VAT
  • TB Farm Advice Online – £99 plus VAT


There is an optional additional fee for those wishing to gain additional University credits Please see PgC overview for further details. 


The training is currently available at the same price, in GBP, anywhere in the world. However, if the OCQ(V) requires a Practical Assessment or practical training please see notes on the Non RCVS Member page. 

Large Practices

Whilst it is required that each OV registers individually, large practices of twenty or more vets may apply, in advance, for group invoicing facilities at our discretion. If your practice would like to apply for group invoicing facilities, please ask your Accounts Department to email us. It takes up to two working days to set up this facility. See also Registration.





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