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(Veterinary) OCQ(V)

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PgC Overview

All of the OCQ(V) training has been successfully accredited by the International School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ISVPS) and the awards have been validated by Harper Adams University.

If you undertake the OCQ(V)s, you may choose to gain valuable and transferable university credits as follows:



Level 5 Credits

OCQ(V) - AX Avian Exports 5
OCQ(V) - CA* Companion Animals 5
OCQ(V) - EQ Equine Exports 5
OCQ(V) - GX Germinal Products Exports 5
OCQ(V) - PX Product Exports 5
OCQ(V) - SS Statutory Surveillance 5
OCQ(V) - SX* Small Animal Exports 5
OCQ(V) - TT Tuberculin Testing 5
OCQ(V) - UX Ungulate Exports 5
OCQ(V) - Cymorth  Cymorth TB Veterinary Programme  5
VPHB Veterinary Public Health Basic 10

* credits can be applied for either OCQ(V) - CA or OCQ(V) - SX, not both. 

Please note: OCQ(V) - ES and OCQ(V) - EX do not carry the university credits.

Should applicants wish to receive academic recognition for their OCQ(V) achievement, a separate form should be completed and uploaded from your Personal Training Dashboard (Level 5 credits application) within 3 months of completing each OCQ(V) course. For each qualification there will be a charge of £50, payable to Harper Adams University but collected via this website. 

PgC in State Veterinary Medicine

Harper Adams University offers a PgC in State Veterinary Medicine, which provides the opportunity for qualified veterinary surgeons to advance their skills in a range of special interest areas whilst operating within a practice environment.

The PgC State Veterinary Medicine is comprised of 60 credits at Level 7 as follows:



Credit value  

State Veterinary Medicine   7 20
Elective 7 20
Advanced Practitioner 7 20

To be eligible to enrol on the PgC State Veterinary Medicine, you must first have a minimum of 20 Level 5 credits from the OCQ(V) courses. This involves completing at least four of the Level 5 OCQ(V)s or two of the Level 5 OCQ(V)s plus the 10 credit VPHB course.

Applicants can then be transferred directly to the 20 credit, Level 7 State Veterinary Medicine module, which will normally comprise two technical reports. To gain the remaining 40 credits required for this PgC, you must complete an Elective module of your choice and the Advanced Practitioner module, both of which are run by Harper Adams University and each carry 20 credits at Level 7.

If you hold your OCQ(V)s by grandfather rights, and you wish to undertake the PgC route, you will be required to complete the relevant OCQ(V)s and assessment in full to gain the credits. Credits cannot be awarded retrospectively based on grandfather rights or via the revalidation route.

For further information regarding the PgC in State Veterinary Medicine and what the Elective and Advanced Practitioner modules will involve, please contact HAU by emailing

Harper Adams University route to PgC in State Veterinary Medicine:

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