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Exports General revalidation

What does OCQ(V) - Exports General (EX) Revalidation involve?

It is now recognised good practice to ensure that we all remain up to date with the latest policies, advice and techniques for the work that we do. Revalidation is your opportunity to do this and can contribute towards your annual CPD requirements.

From now on revalidation for the OCQ(V) - EX will be required every five years. (Four years in the first cycle for those with Grandfather Rights). Without completing this you will not be able to continue as an OV for Exports General, or any of the subsequent OCQ(V)s you hold for which EX is a prerequisite. For those who have claimed ‘Grandfather Rights’ the revalidation cycle commenced on 1st April 2015 and revalidation will be due by March 31st 2019. If you have already studied and been awarded the OCQ(V) - EX, your first revalidation will be due five years from the date that you passed the online exam.

You may apply to take the revalidation OCQ(V) - EX module up to two months before expiry of the certificate without changing the revalidation date in the future and we recommend that you don’t leave it until the last minute. You will need to ensure you have enough time to complete ALL the requirements before your expiry date.

If you do not complete revalidation within the permitted time frame your status will be expired by APHA. If this happens you will be informed by email from APHA and you will not be allowed to use that OCQ(V) - EX or any OCQ(V) for which it is a prerequisite. Once expired you will have to enrol and successfully complete the full OCQ(V) to regain your status. If you wish to appeal being expired you should contact APHA as the final decision rests with them. If you are aware of any exceptional or mitigating circumstances it is worth contacting both Improve International and APHA as soon as possible to avoid the necessity to retrain.

If you are in the process of revalidating, but have not successfully completed it before the deadline, perhaps because you are waiting to retake your exam, you will have one month from the revalidation date in order to complete the process. During this time your status will be suspended and you will be unable to use your OCQ(V) - EX, or any of the OCQ(V)s for which it is a prerequisite. If you revalidate successfully within this month, your status will be reactivated.

Improve International will send a reminder to OVs prior to the expiry date of the OCQ(V) - EX.  

Online Training and Exam

Revalidation is undertaken by accessing the online training module.

Everyone studies at their own pace but the revalidation course will equate to three hours of CPD. You may access the training in your own time and it does not have to be completed in one go. Once you are ready you may then proceed, via your personal training dashboard, to the online exam. You are allowed 30 minutes for this online exam which involves answering 10 multiple choice questions.  You will be required to nominate an invigilator for this exam. Candidates completing the online assessment are required to do so in the presence of a MRCVS (or a DVM for overseas students) If you live in a remote area and have no veterinary colleagues you may complete the exam in the presence of another professional colleague such as a doctor or lawyer.  Both the candidate and invigilator will be required to sign the disclaimer and give their professional membership number before taking the online assessment. Any false certification, including the impersonation of another MRCVS, may be reported to the RCVS for investigation as potential professional misconduct.

Once you are successful you will be able to download a certificate of achievement.

If you are are unsuccessful with your online assessment, you have the opportunity for two retakes. If you remain unsuccessful you will be required to study and pass the full OCQ(V) and your status will be revoked by APHA in the interim.


You will be asked to provide evidence of relevant CPD you have undertaken to support this field of work. You will be expected to have completed at least ten hours relevant CPD within the revalidation cycle, which can include the three hours spent on the revalidation course.

CPD should be recorded on your personal training dashboard and you may want to start updating it now and do this as you go along, rather than wait for revalidation to begin. Whilst the CPD should be relevant to this OCQ(V) - EX, it is possible to use the same CPD for other OCQ(V)s. Please highlight which of your OCQ(V)s each CPD activity applies to. 

After taking the online exam, you will be asked to confirm ‘ I have undertaken at least ten hours CPD in this area, relevant to my OCQ(V) - EX OV responsibilities, in the past five years, and have completed my CPD log on my personal training dashboard.’ If you do not tick this statement you will not be automatically revalidated until you do. 

The type of activities that would count as relevant CPD for EX are:

  • Reading the OV instructions relating to exports on the APHA Vet Gateway
  • Reading information on policy changes provided via the APHA Briefing notes
  • Reading RCVS professional guidance
  • Reading relevant articles in veterinary publications eg exotic disease considerations, welfare in transport  
  • Reading relevant articles in the OV section of Veterinary Practice Magazine
  • Attending the annual OV Conference
  • Relevant pharmaceutical company CPD eg preventative parasitic treatments
  • Mentoring new OVs in this area of work
  • Case discussions with colleagues
  • Other relevant conferences and congresses or day courses

Case Logs

Case logs are not generally required for EX unless this is the ONLY export panel you hold, for example, for the export of insects and live fish. In this case please contact us for information.

Internal Verification (IV)

Once you have passed the online exam and ticked all the declaration boxes to confirm completion of your CPD record, your revalidation will proceed automatically and you will be able to download a new certificate of authorisation. However, there will be a process of internal verification of your CPD record by the awarding body, ESVPS. ESVPS will sample 10% of CPD records within one month of completion of all revalidation requirements. If your CPD record is chosen and does not meet the required standard, then you will be contacted by ESVPS and offered an opportunity to update it to a satisfactory condition. If it is updated satisfactorily within one month then no further action will be required. However, if it is not updated satisfactorily within the required time this will be reported to APHA who will then review your case and may suspend or revoke your OV status. Please note that the ultimate jurisdiction lies with APHA.

Final Declarations

Once you have successfully passed the online examination you will be asked to confirm the declarations below;

I confirm that-

  1. I have undertaken at least ten hours CPD in this area, relevant to my OCQ(V) - EX, OV responsibilities, in the past five years and have completed my CPD record on my personal training dashboard
  2. I consider that my knowledge of my legal and professional responsibilities is current  
  3. I have accessed the latest version of the RCVS Code of Professional Conduct and refreshed my knowledge of the following sections: Clinical Governance and Certification
  4. I have accessed the OV instructions within the last year
  5. I have checked that my personal contact details, including unique email address, are up to date and that I have been receiving OV communications
  6. My signature is uploaded, is clear and correct. (You can check your signature by downloading a certificate of authorisation. If you need to update your signature you can replace the one you originally uploaded) 

Revalidation Fee

£99 + Vat

Please see the Revalidation page for further information.

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