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Starting a new OCQ(V) – what to expect

In line with the Government’s ‘digital by default’ policy, the OCQ(V) training is all provided online. The only exception to this is the OCQ(V) - TT (Tuberculin Testing) course, which also has a practical training phase, followed by a Practical Assessment. Follow the steps below in order to start a new OCQ(V), or click on the qualifications in the list at the bottom of this page to learn more about each one.


Register with this website

You must register before you can enrol on a course. If you think that you are already registered but cannot remember your details, please do not re-register. Instead, contact us and we will help you log in.

Please note that it is your individual responsibility to register, upload a signature and confirm the declarations personally. Please do not ask someone else to do this on your behalf. You must also supply a personal email address that you check regularly. It is your responsibility to ensure that your personal details are up to date at all times.


Enrol on your chosen course

Once you have registered, you can enrol on your chosen course(s) through your Personal Training Dashboard.

If you are unsure of which course(s) you need, please view the diagram of prerequisites by clicking here. You can click on each of the courses for more information.

If you would like further advice, please contact us.

If you intend to apply for OV authorisation to work on behalf of APHA in England, Scotland or Wales, you must tick the relevant box once you have enrolled on your course. You do not have to do this immediately; if you forget or are unsure, you can return to tick it at a later date.


Complete a pre-course self-evaluation

After you have enrolled, your course will appear on your Personal Training Dashboard. Click on it to be taken to your training details page, where you can access a pre-course self-evaluation. This needs to be completed before you can start the online learning.


Work your way through the online training on Moodle

Click the ‘Access online learning’ button to be taken to Moodle. Here you can start the online training for your course. The courses equate to between three and ten hours of CPD each.


Complete a post-course self-evaluation

Once you have completed the online learning, you will need to return to your Personal Training Dashboard on this website in order to complete a post-course self-evaluation. As soon as this is done, the online learning section of your training details page will be marked as ‘No action required’, and you will be able to progress to the online exam.


Nominate an invigilator and take your online exam

You must nominate an invigilator (and the invigilator must accept the invitation) in order to access the online examination. The exam can be taken at a time that is convenient for both you and your invigilator, and takes the form of 20 multiple choice questions, to be completed within one hour.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, remote invigilation has been recognised as an acceptable form of invigilation. Please click here for further information.

Alternatively, you may now register to be remotely invigilated by our partner, ProctorU; a live online proctoring service that is available 24/7. Further information on ProctorU is provided on your Personal Training Dashboard when you come to nominate an invigilator. Remote invigilation via ProctorU has a fee of £49 + VAT.

For the OCQ(V) - TT only:


Nominate a Supervisor and complete a Sam declaration form

Before you can be granted conditional authorisation for the practical training phase of this course, you must nominate a Supervisor (who must then accept their role) and return a Sam declaration form to APHA.


Complete the practical training phase

Conditional OVs may test under supervision and/or direction from their Supervisor. Requirements for the practical training phase can be found by clicking here.


Arrange the Practical Assessment

When your practical training phase is complete, contact Improve International to arrange your Practical Assessment.

Further information about practical training and the Practical Assessment can be found on the OCQ(V) - TT (Tuberculin Testing) page.


Please allow ten working days for APHA to grant your OV authorisation or approval.

APHA will then send your OV stamp to you – in most cases, this will be to your main practice address.

List of OCQ(V)s

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