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Revalidation CPD

Revalidation course

CPD in the revalidation cycle
ESr (Essential Skills revalidation) 10 hours
EXr (Exports General revalidation) 10 hours
CAr (Companion Animals revalidation) 10 hours
AXr (Avian Exports revalidation) 10 hours
EQr (Equine Exports revalidation) 10 hours
GXr (Germinal Products Exports revalidation) 10 hours
PXr (Product Exports revalidation) 10 hours
SSr (Statutory Surveillance revalidation) 10 hours
SXr (Small Animal Exports revalidation) 10 hours
TTr (Tuberculin Testing revalidation) 10 hours
UXr (Ungulate Exports revalidation) 10 hours

Continuous Professional Development

You will be asked to provide evidence of relevant CPD that you have undertaken to support this field of work. You will be expected to have completed at least 10 hours of relevant CPD within the revalidation cycle – this can include the 3 hours spent on the revalidation course and any additional time spent completing certification exercises and case logs for the revalidation course (no more than 1 hour per exercise).

CPD is recorded on your Personal Training Dashboard and you may want to start updating it now, and do this as you go along, rather than waiting for revalidation to begin. Whilst the CPD should be relevant to the OCQ(V) you are undertaking, it is possible to use the same CPD for multiple OCQ(V)s. Please highlight which of your OCQ(V)s each CPD entry applies to.

To complete revalidation, you will be asked to confirm that in this revalidation cycle you have undertaken at least 10 hours of CPD relevant to the OCQ(V) that you are revalidating, and that you have completed your CPD record on your Personal Training Dashboard to evidence this.

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Internal Verification

There is a process of Internal Verification (IV), which is carried out by ISVPS and involves 10% of candidates being randomly selected within 1 month of completion of all revalidation requirements.

If you are selected for IV and your CPD record or certification exercises/case logs do not meet the required standard, you will be contacted by ISVPS and offered an opportunity to update them to a satisfactory condition. If they are updated satisfactorily within 1 month, then no further action will be required. However, if they are not updated satisfactorily within the required time, this will be reported to APHA, who will review your case and may suspend or revoke your OV status. Please note – the ultimate jurisdiction lies with APHA.

Examples of CPD

The types of activities that would count as relevant CPD for all courses are:

  • Reading the OV Instructions on the APHA Vet Gateway
  • Reading information on policy changes provided via the APHA Briefing Notes
  • Reading relevant articles in veterinary publications, e.g. relating to exotic diseases and notifiable diseases
  • Attending the annual OV Conference
  • Undertaking a professional key skills course
  • Attending relevant pharmaceutical company CPD e.g. preventative parasitic treatments
  • Reading relevant articles in the OV section of Veterinary Practice
  • Mentoring other OVs who are new to the area of work
  • Discussions with colleagues about cases/topics related to OV work
  • Work with APHA relating to a notifiable disease
  • Other relevant conferences and congresses or day courses

Some examples of CPD relevant to the OCQ(V) - TTr are:

CPD activities that may be relevant for the exports courses are:

For more examples and links to useful sites and articles, please click here.

Other requirements

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