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Revalidation final declarations

At the end of the process, when all other sections on your training details page are marked as ‘No action required’, you are required to tick the ‘Final declarations’ to complete your revalidation.

You will be asked to confirm that:

  • You have uploaded the required number of certification/scenario exercises (not ES).
  • You have self-reflected on any feedback you have received from colleagues, clients or APHA.
  • You consider that your knowledge of your legal and professional responsibilities is current.
  • You have accessed the latest version of the RCVS Code of Professional Conduct and refreshed your knowledge of the following sections: Clinical Governance and Certification.
  • You have accessed the OV Instructions within the last year.
  • You have checked that your personal contact details, including your unique email address, are up to date and that you have been receiving OV communications.
  • Your signature is uploaded and is both clear and correct. (You can check your signature by downloading a certificate of authorisation. If you need to update your signature you can replace the one you originally uploaded by going to the 'update details' section when logged in.)
  • You understand your revalidation may be subject to Internal Verification.

If you are revalidating the OCQ(V) - TT, you will also be asked to confirm that:

  • You have tested 30 animals within the last four years or you have been granted an exemption to this requirement by APHA.
  • You have successfully passed a TB testing audit in the last four years or have received a positive Peer Review.

If you are unable to tick one or more of the declarations, you must confirm that you have been granted an exemption by APHA and that you have uploaded details of the agreement email relating to this.


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