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OCQ(V) - ES (Essential Skills)

The OCQ(V) - ES (Essential Skills) (Current General and Notifiable Disease Introductory qualification) is the foundation to all APHA and OV training and appointments. It provides essential background information if you are applying to the APHA for authorisation as an OV. 
Topics covered include:
  1. An overview of the roles of EU Food and Veterinary Office (FVO), World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), Defra and devolved authorities.
  2. An overview of the work of the APHA in state veterinary medicine and statutory disease control – including the consideration of regulation of animal diseases and protection of animal welfare.
  3. An outline of the terms and conditions of appointment as an OV; the roles and responsibilities of an OV in relation to compliance with requirements related to audit trail, protection of animal welfare, health and safety and biosecurity.
  4. Clarification of the legal and professional responsibilities of all vets in relation to compliance with the RCVS Code of Professional Conduct, including the 10 Principles of Certification and requirements for impartiality, avoidance of conflicts of interest, the protection of animal welfare and the management of suspected notifiable disease.
  5. Background training related to the diagnosis and statutory disease control of exotic notifiable disease, including LDCC structure, procedures and the role of the Veterinary Inspector.
  6. Familiarisation with the APHA and other websites as a source of OV documents, information and guidance to update and refresh knowledge in response to legislative and procedural changes.

Please note: the OCQ(V) - ES is a prerequisite qualification to all the other OCQ(V)s, with the exception of OCQ(V) - CA (a self-contained qualification specifically for companion animal vets). Therefore, if you do not hold a current OCQ(V) - ES qualification, you must not carry out work related to any other OCQ(V) for which it is a prerequisite, even if the other OCQ(V) is current.

You are required to undergo revalidation for OCQ(V) - ES every 4 years.

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