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About the OCQ(V)s

There is no requirement to be a vet to undertake OCQ(V) training or to hold an OCQ(V) qualification, but only vets holding an OCQ(V) qualification and who are full members of the RCVS and are working in GB can be authorised as APHA Official Veterinarians (OVs). OVs holding OCQ(V)S and working in other countries which recognise the qualifications, such as Jersey, will receive OV authorisation through their own Government department. There is no limit to the number of OCQ(V)s that you can hold.

While you may find it useful to consult the APHA website in relevant areas (see useful links), no compulsory work is required before enrolling.  It is expected, however, that you will keep your knowledge up-to-date in order to help prepare for revalidation

The table below gives an overview of the OCQ(V)s please click on the link on the lefthand side for a fuller explanation of each, plus see FAQ for a summary of the difference between CA and SX.:

OCQ(V) Summary of Content
Essential Skills

This course is a prerequisite for all the other OCQ(V)s with the exception of the OCQ(V) - CA.  Topics include:

  • The basics of state veterinary medicine
  • Working with the APHA
  • Regulation and statutory control of animal diseases and animal welfare
  • Principles of certification
Tuberculin Testing

This course focuses on tuberculin testing of cattle and other species.

You must also hold the OCQ(V) - ES

Statutory Surveillance

This course currently includes statutory surveillance activities for ‘endemic’ diseases other than bTB; currently Brucellosis, Anthrax and Sheep Scab.  Others may be added.

You must also hold the OCQ(V) - ES

Exports, General

This course is a prerequisite for the other exports courses and may be sufficient in cases where no further training is required (eg for the export of insects or live fish).  It covers:

  • The basics of international trade
  • Export certification and procedures
Small Animal Exports

This course covers the export of companion animals, including pet birds and the Pet Travel Scheme.  It also includes the commercial export of small animals, including the export of small zoo and laboratory animals. Please click here for further information.

You must also hold the OCQ(V) - ES and OCQ(V) - EX

Ungulate Exports

This course covers the export of ungulates, including equidae and large zoo and laboratory animals.

You must also hold the OCQ(V) - ES and OCQ (V) - EX

Equine Exports

This course covers the export of equidae.

You must also hold the OCQ(V) - ES and OCQ (V) - EX

Avian Exports

This course covers the export of poultry,  including the Poultry Health Scheme and captive birds which are not pets.

You must also hold the OCQ(V) - ES and OCQ(V) - EX

Product Exports

This course covers the export of products of animal origin, including food for human consumption and animal by-products.

You must also hold the OCQ(V) - ES and OCQ(V) - EX

Germinal Products Exports

This course covers the export of germinal products,  including the supervision of AI centres. (To comply with new EU legislation the name ‘Germplasm’ has changed to ‘Germinal Products’. The course content remains the same, it is only the title which has change.)

You must also hold the OCQ(V) - ES and OCQ (V) - EX

Companion Animals

This is a self-contained course specifically designed for companion animal vets with minimal reference to production animal issues.  It includes the elements of the OCQ(V) - ES and OCQ(V) - EX that are most relevant to small animal practitioners including the Pet Travel Scheme and Pet Passports. Please click here for further info.

You are not required to hold any other OCQ(V)s before taking this module.


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